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The Lavazza Training Center has been working for many years, both in Italy and abroad, as an institution devoted to technical and professional training, both within the firm and outside. The Center is also acting as a reference point for the Firm’s external relationships, meeting guests from countries all over the world, and offering specific training courses to fulfill information and training requests for those wishing to widen, qualify and bring up to date their knowledge of coffee. In fact, the Center is also a specialized school where professional operators in the food and beverage field can improve their skills in coffee making, and in improving their service to their customers in bars, restaurants and hotels.

The Center’s "students" can further their knowledges on the history and geography of coffee, its distribution, its organoleptic characteristics, its consumption in Italy and abroad. And, of course, all the secrets necessary to obtain the best final product in their coffee cups. This service aims at offering to the participants top-quality professional training, so that they in turn can satisfy their own customers. The preparation of an excellent espresso coffee depends in fact on a great number of factors like the quality of the blend, the perfect functioning of all equipment, and above all, a technical mastery of the entire coffee process.

The Training Center also provides extensive programs of cooperation with commercial and professional Associations, with different training Organizations and Agencies and, through the State’s hotel workers’ training school, with the world of education. Besides, the Turin headquarters Training Centers have been opened within the premises of Lavazza’s foreign Subsidiaries; namely, London, New York, Paris, and Frankfurt. In the U.S., Training Center seminars are also held at many regional distributors' facilities and culinary academies. For schedules of upcoming T.C. seminars in the U.S. territory, please contact Mr. Mitchel Margulis at Lavazza Coffees Corp. 1-800-GOOD-CUP. All classes are free of charge.

The enclosed, online version is designed to help both professionals and non-professionals in acquiring a better understanding of coffee and related subjects, with a particular emphasis on the Italian culture of espresso. Enjoy.

  • History, Cultivation, Botanical Notes
  • Producing Countries - Export - Roasting
  • Coffee, Instructions for Use
  • Coffee and Health
  • Coffee-based Recipes
  • Espresso Blend - Decaffeination
  • Professional Gear & Troubleshooting
  • Espresso Drinks Terminology
  • At Home - Storage, Equipment, Tips
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