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These items have been a household name in Italian families for years. Throughout Europe, these blends are instantly recognized as classics and essentials to obtain a cup of true Italian coffee. Outside of Europe, you'll probably find Oro, Rossa, Crema & Gusto, Espresso Bar, at your nearest Italian Specialty Store (Lavazza Qualita' Rossa pictured).

Qualita Rossa
Qualita' Oro Can

Case Pack & Size: 12/250 g (8.8 oz) Cans - Ground
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Case Pack & Size: 12/500 g (1.1 lb) Bag - Whole Beans
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Qualita' Oro, in the unmistakeable Gold-and-Red can encloses Lavazza's most prestigious blend for household use. A correct balance of South- and Central-American, and African coffees, grown on mountains and volcanic slopes gives a classic blend for the Italian consumer of precious coffee. Round, sweet, delicate, full-bodied taste. Medium roast and coarser grind, ideal for use on moka or stovetop machines, but it will give excellent results on home espresso machines, too. 100% Arabica. New! Now available in whole beans.

Qualita' Rossa

Case Pack & Size: 20/250 g (8.8 oz) Brick - Ground
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The numbers of Qualita' Rossa are astonishing: On stores' shelves for over 30 years, Rossa by itself holds over 13% of the entire Italian retail coffee market! It is the choice of more than 6 million families, with very high fidelity index. In this coffee, the most tasty and full-bodied Brazilians are succesfully mixed with rich Africans. It strikes a correct balance of tastes, and it is good at any moment of the day. Well-balanced, harmonious and strongly scented. Lightest roast among Lavazza blends. Suitable especially for brewing on moka or stovetop coffee pots.

Crema & Gusto

Case Pack & Size: 20/250 g (8.8 oz) Brick - Ground
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Sweeter and milder coffees from Africa and Eastern Asia, with the more full-bodied Brazilian coffees, form a blend full of character with typically Southern Italian taste. Ideal for those who love strong coffee, or who prefer flavorful "caffelatte" in the morning. Crema & Gusto ("Cream & Flavor") is very full-bodied, chocolate-flavored, with strong and intense taste and aftertaste. Medium-dark roast. Ideal for use on moka or stovetop machines. Caffeine content: 1.84%.

Espresso Bar

Case Pack & Size: 20/250 g (8.8 oz) Bricks - Ground
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Espresso Bar is the pre-ground version of Lavazza's famous Super Crema. The grind is very fine, and recommended only for use on modern, pump-driven espresso machines. Ideal for the home or for smaller establishments that do not have room or enough volume to justify a grinder, but would like to serve a first-class espresso and cappuccino. Pack is intentionally kept small to maintain freshness by minimizing exposure to air of ground coffee.

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