Replenishing the Water Softener with Salt


Place a large (2-liter or 2 qt 4 oz) empty container under tube E ,and place end of tube F inside a drain.

Fig 2:

Move levers C and D from left to right as shown in the illustration. Unscrew knob G, remove the lid, and add coarse salt (1 lb - 0.5 kg).

Fig 3:

Replace the lid and move lever C from right to left as illustrated. Allow the salty water to flow through tube F until the water becomes fresh (15 to 20 minutes).

Fig. 4:

Move lever D from right to left as illustrated.

  • A Water Inlet (from water line)
  • B Water Outlet (to vacuum pump)
  • C Inlet Tap
  • D Outlet Tap
  • E Vacuum Hose
  • F Replenishing Hose
  • G Lid Knob

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