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Technical Characteristics

SYSTEM Self-contained espresso, cappuccino, and hot beverage dispensing machine.
BREWING METHOD Pump-driven, microprocessor-controlled system, uses patented disposable cartridge system
POWER REQ. / USAGE 110 Volts / 1050 Watts Max
STEAMING UNIT SPECS Pump-driven, short-burst system. Eliminates recovery time before, during, and after dispensing steam. Removable easy-froth attachment on steam wand.
HEATING ELEMENT Microprocessor-controlled heating block. Approximate time from off to ready: 2 minutes.
TANK CAPACITY Approx. 1 gallon (3.7 liters) - Average espresso servings before refill: 65.
  • Automatic Stop (Programmed) Dispensing Buttons:
    • 2 oz (espresso)
    • 4 oz (long espresso)
    • 6 oz (teas, other beverages).
  • Manual Stop Buttons:
    • coffee/beverage dispensing
    • hot water (from steam wand)
    • frothing steam
  • Stop/Program Override Button
  • Multi-function Power LED
  • Function LEDs
  • Refill Tank Warning LED
  • Aroma Club 100% Arabica Espresso
  • Aroma Point Espresso
  • Crema Aroma Espresso
  • Caffe' Decaffeinato (Decaf Espresso)
  • Black Leaf Ceylon Tea
  • Size: 14.5"(h) x 9.5" (w) x 12.0"(d)
  • Weight: 31 lbs (14 kg) with Empty Tank
  • Vented Cup Warming Lid w/ Safety Rail
  • Drainage Grille in Dispensing Area for Cleanliness
  • In-Line Water Softener
  • Automatic Cartridge Disposal System
  • Non-Resettable Shot Counter
  • Convenience Light in Dispensing Area
  • Auto Shut-off and Warning Light on Empty Tank
  • Removable Water Tank for Easy Refill and Cleaning
  • Circuit Fuses on both Power Assembly and Heating Block
  • UL approved - NSF (ETL4) pending

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