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Extra Virgin
Olive Oil
Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most natural oil known to man. With an acidity content well below 1% (as mandated by International Olive Oil Council's regulations), Olivoro Extra Virgin Olive Oil encloses all the characteristics of the best Extra Virgins while being easily digestible. Rich, deep green color and a bold, flavorful taste, make our Extra Virgin olive oil ideal as raw condiment on salads, pastas, meats, fish, poultry, hearty soups, pizza, and more. The high smoke point of all olive oils also make them ideal for frying, baking, and cooking in general. Extra Virgin is more expensive than other seed or olive oils, but its bold taste "dresses" more, and you will quickly find that using less yields results that are just as good, saving you money and ...calories!

A natural tastemaker and staple of the Mediterranean Diet, Extra Virgin olive oil is recommended as ideal replacement for butter or other less healthy fats. 100% Product of Italy.

12/0.5 ltr Glass Bottles
12/1.0 ltr Glass Bottles
6/2.0 ltr PVC Bottles

Olive Oil Olivoro Olive Oil (also known as Pure Olive Oil in the United States) is being used by some of the most renowned Chefs in restaurants around the Country. Second only to Extra Virgin for flavor and versatility, Olive Oil is characterized by a bright, golden yellow color and a milder taste, which makes it perfect for just about any cooking purposes where Extra Virgin may overpower the delicate flavors of other ingredients. Highly monounsaturated and among the lowest in saturated fats content (like all other grades), Olivoro Olive Oil is recommended by doctors as well as part of diets for those watching their cholesterol intake.

Available in a variety of sizes for both Food Service and Retail customers, including an exclusive, 3-liter lightweight PET bottle. 100% Product of Italy.

12/0.5 ltr Glass Bottles
12/1.0 ltr Glass Bottle
6/2.0 ltr PVC Bottles
6/3.0 ltr PET Bottles

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