Problems Caused by the Incorrect Use of the Grinder-Dispenser

I know it sounds paranoid, but have you read the Disclaimer? If not, please do so before reading on.

The grind of the coffee should be so regulated that it will brew a cup of espresso in 25-30 seconds. If it takes longer, the coffee will have a sharp, bitter taste and very little froth, or "crema", especially around the inner sides of the cup. This is because the water and coffee have been in contact for too long a time. If brewing time is further increased, the "crema" will be very thin and dark-looking, and the coffee will have a burnt taste.

Brewing times shorter than 25-30 seconds, on the other hand, will produce a light, acid coffee with an equally light colored and inconsistent "crema".




Light Crema picture Light "crema" (coffee comes out of spout too fast).
  • Too coarse a grind
  • Too light a tamping
  • Insufficient amount of coffee
Dark crema picture Dark "crema" (coffee drips through spout)
  • Too fine a grind
  • Too heavy tamping
  • Too much coffee
  • Adjust to coarser grind
  • Tamp more lightly
  • Reduce amount of coffee
Grounds in cup picture Coffee grounds in the cup
  • Too fine a grind
  • Worn grinder blades