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Espresso Point by Lavazza is a revolutionary system designed to simplify the process of making espresso and cappuccino. A patented method (see illustration) uses disposable capsules filled with Lavazza's premium coffees, then automatically ejects them in a collecting drawer, where they can be disposed of or recycled. It is the cleanest, quickest, easiest way to obtain professional-quality espresso.

The machine is very compact and completely portable; A built-in tank holds a gallon of water and yields up to 70 cups of espresso or cappuccino between refills. The commercial-grade pump system is controlled by a microprocessor, and delivers consistent portions at precise temperature and pressure, thus guaranteeing professional results to even the most inexperienced operator. The pump also deliver continuous, powerful steam for easy preparation of cappuccinos and lattes, thick and creamy like those made in the best coffee bars.

The self-contained capsules eliminate the need of gaskets, filters, and diffusers. The virtual absence of parts subject to wear and tear assures highly reliable performance day after day. The entire body is made of durable, chrome-plated stainless steel. Elegant gold accents and original design make Espresso Point a true work of art, at home on a bar counter, a conference room or a busy office area.

Espresso Point was designed with offices/OCS and food services in mind, and it is VERY affordable to get. Consignment programs are available, offering the opportunity to receive an Espresso Point for use at no cost and no risk with a minimum monthly order of coffee. For even more versatility, capsules of teas, consomme, chamomile, and other drinks are available, making this unique system a truly portable hot beverage center.

Espresso Point is manufactured in Italy by Lavazza, the World leader in espresso coffees. For convenient service and support, Espresso Point is being distributed in the U.S. by an extensive and fast-growing network of specialized dealers.


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