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Sovrana Trading Corp. offers the following, no-cost program to offices and food service operators interested in LAVAZZA Espresso Point. NOTE: These consignment terms are offered by Sovrana Trading in Los Angeles and surrounding areas only (including Orange County and San Fernando Valley). Other zones in the United States are serviced by separate distributors, and different terms and conditions than the ones illustrated below may apply.

Consignment Program

Espresso Point Matinee B&W

Monthly fee for Espresso Point usage: No Charge (see below for conditions)
Minimum Monthly Usage Required (See below for assortment of flavors): 200 cartridges (Rental fee may apply for lower usage)
Cost per Cartridge: $0.60/each
Minimum Monthly Order / Billing: $120.00
Refundable security deposit (May be waived OAC): $600.00 per unit
Minimum / Maximum Program Commitment: 1 Month / Unlimited, as long as above monthly usage is met.
Warranty: All parts and labor at no charge during consigment period.
Cartridges Available:

Cartidges are individually vacuum packed, and come in bags of 100 (50 for decaf espresso, teas and consomme') per type. Approximate shelf life: 6 months.

  • Aroma Point (Espresso)
  • Crema & Aroma (Espresso)
  • Aroma Club (100% Arabica espresso)
  • Decaffeinato (Decaf espresso)
  • Nice Ceylon Tea (Black leaf)
  • Lemon-Flavored Black Tea
  • Bouillon - Beef Consomme'

Technical Characteristics and Operating Instructions are available online.

For more information on purchasing a Lavazza Espresso Point in and around Los Angeles, or for short-term rentals and other programs tailored for individuals or businesses with smaller usage, please call Sovrana Trading Corp. at (310) 323-3357, or drop us a line via e-mail.

For areas outside Los Angeles, check the list Espresso Point distributor list online, or call Lavazza Premium Coffees Corp. at (212) 725-8800.

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